2014 Kansas City US Air Guitar Qualifier recap - Livestream + Video!

The following is a guest post by 2013 Air Guitar World Champion Mean Melin, who organized and hosted the 2014 US Air Guitar Kansas City Qualifier.Wow. 21 competitors, and three hours of mayhem. I'd say Kansas City is ready to host the 2014 US Air Guitar National Finals. There's really no point in recapping the entire thing, since there was a livestream video of the entire show. Here's Part One, where it's blurry for the first 30 minutes, but the sound is amazing. This is the entire first round and much of the second, so you can see for yourself how great all the performers were, and how amped up the crowd was. Part Two features Round Two performances from CindAIRella and Air Jesus, as well as a mammoth "Freebird" finale! The outcome was clear. Air Jesus (JoJo Longbottom) has achieved the ultimate in Kansas City airness for the second year in a row. With some help from Samuel L. Jackson as the Voice of God and flying doves and candles from his apostles, the Jesus proved that he truly is the Savior of KC air guitar. Here's his Round One:

Unfortunately, Air Jesus will be spreading His gospel in Spain this summer and is unable to attend any of the US Air Guitar Semifinals. He will have to reply on a sure-to-be-pending Dark Horse invitation and a top placing there to sneak into the 2014 US Air Guitar Nationals. Second place went to CindAIRella (Beth Olson), the air guitarist formerly known as Crystal Richter, who will advance to the Chicago Semifinals in Jesus' place. Here's her second round performance, where she chose AC/DC out of the six possible unlocked compulsory songs and shredded the competition:
Third place went to The CorpAIRation (Brian Reeves), who sustained a hot tub injury the week before (no joke!) and was relegated to "chair guitar." Or so we thought. After an inspiring first round, he rose from the ashes again in the second round, making mincemeat of a 1-minute Skid Row edit, and qualifying for US Air Guitar Semifinals.
Because Air Jesus is out for Semifinals, Thunderball (Nielsen Nacis) is in! Which is just as well, because many on the livestream (including me) thought he was criminally underscored in the first round. What is also criminal is that no video exists as of yet as that performance. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the live stream above! The Iron Dragon (Justin Fox), who also killed it Friday night with a J-Pop/thrash explosion and a backpack that sprung into a cape, got video of many other KC standouts, so head here to see more up-close video from the show! Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2014 Kansas City Qualifier at the Recordbar such a success. It was an insanely fun night, and everybody brought their A-game. For this community, we are now setting our sites on US Air Guitar Nationals! But let us not forget the bizarre talents of two-time USAG National Finalist Peter "Stiff" Dickens, who baffled and confused the crowd yet again with a performance that broke down the general perception of what air guitar is (and might have been disqualified for playing an actual instrument had he made it to the second round). He is a true Kansas City original, and he's one of the key members of a community that is proud to make Kansas City this summer's Capital of Air Guitar!
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