2016 US Air Guitar Shows announced!



Hello US Air Guitar community! The office is busy these days, and we are giving you news as soon as it happens. Today we are announcing the six semifinal shows that will feed into the US Air Guitar National Championships!


One big change this year is that there will be no local wildcard spots hand-picked by US Air Guitar to fill out the show lineups. Instead, those slots will be available on a first-come, first-serve signup basis to the local competitors who want it the most! This means that winners and organizers from the qualifier level will automatically qualify for these shows, and up to 15 slots are reserved for other competitors to sign up at $20/entry. However, competitors may only sign up for one of the shows below, and the exact number of slots available will be based on the number of earned slots (including last year's semi winners) that are accepted.


Ticket links to all venues are not live yet - this is an early announcement so performers can plan their summer!


June 17 - US Air Guitar Championships - Portland at Dante's

June 18 - US Air Guitar Championships - San Diego at The Merrow

June 24 - US Air Guitar Championships - Chicago at Subterranean

July 2 - US Air Guitar Championships - Boston at The Middle East

July 9 - US Air Guitar Championships - Kansas City at Kanza Hall

July 16 - US Air Guitar Championships - Washington DC at Black Cat


Where Can I Sign Up?


Signup links will go live this Saturday at 1pm ET at our Eventbrite page.


What About Qualifier Shows?


They are almost booked and will be announced soon! Some already have live signups at our Eventbrite page. If you are an organizer, we encourage you to sign the licensing application and send it back so we can confirm your show.


What's the New Judging Format for Semis and Nationals?


In response to the community and voices aired (pun intended) at last year's Town Hall meeting, we are changing the judging format for shows at these levels to be more like the Air Guitar World Championships. There will be five judges on the jury who will all display their scores at the same time, and the top and bottom scores for each person will be thrown out.


I Have More Questions!


We have more answers:

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If you have any questions or would like to offer your particular expertise to support USAG, please email contact@usairguitar.com or start a discussion on the US Air Guitar public Facebook page!


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