2017 Routing Info - Where do I go?

With an increasing number of new qualifier cities in 2017, routing was more challenging than ever. With fair proximity being our number one priority, we got out our Rand McNally Atlas, crunched our mileage numbers, and pressed "GO" on the Frinkiac.

Where the hell is Custer, SD?


So if you take one of the top 2 spots in a Qualifier this year, here's where you'll be heading! *Note that we still have other qualifiers in progress that hope to be confirmed soon!


SAN DIEGO - 6/10 - Sacramento, CA - Denver, CO


PORTLAND - 6/16 - San Francisco, CA - Santa Cruz, CA - Seattle, WA


CHICAGO - 6/24 - Aurora, IL - Newport, AR (Portfest Festival) - Des Moines, IA


NEW YORK CITY - 7/7 - Queens, NY - Manhattan, NY (NY Burger Week) - Boston, MA


KANSAS CITY - 7/15 - Custer, SD - Lawrence, KS - Austin, TX - Houston, TX


PHILADELPHIA - 7/22 - Conway, AR (Toad Suck Daze Festival) - Frederick, MD - Nashville, TN

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