The 2018 US Air Guitar Championships – Tour Dates Announced

It’s finally time for the 2018 US Air Guitar season, and it smells a lot like cheap beer, sweaty spandex, and epic shredding of invisible proportions.

It feels like just yesterday that MOM JEANS JEANIE (Nicole Sevcik) prevailed at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. With fingers of fury (plus a belly full of Franzia) she melted all the hearts and faces, taking home the USAG 2017 title.

She absolutely killed it at the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland, but was no match for AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns). For his second year in a row, he defended his title, bringing another World Championship back to the U.S. and officially making him the most decorated air guitarist in the history of the world!

Sincere congrats to all of our 2017 competitors winners…but enough about last year. The USAG 2018 is ready to be unleashed on unsuspecting bar patrons around the country. We know you’ve been constantly refreshing that Facebook feed, waiting for the announcement of your city’s date, symbolizing your first step to ultimate air glory in Finland!

But important update to our bracket system—

That’s right. At USAG HQ, we’ve decided to make a few changes to better streamline how competitors snag their spot at the 2018 National Championships. There are now TWO paths to Nationals. Competitors will either go through the Regional Championships OR through the Wild Card Qualifiers.


Regional Championships

Starting on April 21 at Hourglass Brewery in Orlando, the Regional Championships will be held in cities with more history or experienced talent in the mix . There will be only ONE winner from each Regional and they will advance DIRECTLY to Nationals. “Hey, what if I’m organizing the Regional? Where do I compete?” Keep reading, buddy.

2018 Regional Championships

  • Orlando, FL – April 21
  • Denver, CO – May 25
  • Nashville, TN – May 26
  • Kansas City, MO - June 8
  • Portland, OR – June 16
  • Philadelphia, PA – June 29
  • Chicago, IL – June 29
  • San Diego, CA – June 30
  • Austin – TBD
  • Boston, MA – TBD
  • San Francisco – TBD
  • Washington, DC – TBD

Wild Card Qualifiers and Semifinal

Also starting on April 21 at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City, MI, are the Wild Card Qualifiers. Held in cities with less history or newer talent, the ONE winner of each Wild Card Qualifier will advance to the Wild Card Semifinal on the Thursday before Nationals.  This event essentially replaces the old dark horse format.

At the Wild Card Semifinal, a still to-be-determined number of top finishers will advance to Saturday night’s National Finals. The event organizer for every Wild Card Qualifier also gets a spot in the Wild Card Semifinal, as will a small number of dark horses selected from all competitions.

2018 Wild Card Qualifiers

  • Traverse City, MI – April 21
  • Lawrence, KS – April 27
  • Custer, SD – May
  • Cleveland, OH – May 11
  • Sacramento, CA – June 9
  • Houston, TX – June 16
  • Des Moines, IA – TB
  • Las Vegas, NV – TB
  • Santa Cruz, CA – TBD

Look out for a few more Qualifiers as the season progresses. Questions? Check out our FAQ page.

And lastly but oh-so-far from leastly...we’re taking the US Air Guitar National Finals back to New York City, baby! Mark your calendars for August 4th, 2018.

See you at the show!