The Black Hills are alive with the sound of ROCK!

Date: May 5th, 2018
Venue: Rushmore Brewery
Location: Custer, SD

As one of the newest cities to officially join the US Air Guitarcircuit, the dudes in Custer, South Dakota threw a hell of party, proving they are more than deserving to join the big leagues.

Held at the Rushmore Brewery, the house was packed with 250 excited spectators (not bad for a town of 1,800) eager for a show with enough energy to make those nearby presidents rattle. 

The evening started with local air guitar legend Han Guitar Solo (Chris Pelczerski). With a stellar Star Wars-centric opener, complete with light sabre action, his performance would have impressed any patron of the Mos Eisley cantina.


Then the real competition, hosted by Meggie Magee (Megan Fuller) and Two Guns and Roses (Jimmy Schneller), began. The first competitor was DC Talk (Dave & Cheris Poppens), an air guitar duo who initially came to only to watch their daughter, last year’s champ Iced B (Brenda Poppens), perform. Caught up in the fun, they decided to sign up last minute, intentionally disqualifying themselves as a pair. They surely didn’t want to steal their kid’s thunder.

No self-sabotage was needed though as Iced B tore down the house with skill and intensity, easily making it to second round. 

And the third round.

And the fourth round.


That’s right! Iced B and total air guitar newcomer The Jamitor (Alex Messerole) went to TWO air-offs before a winner could be crowned. The Jamitor absolutely cleaned up with veracious moves and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Though exhaustion had clearly caught up to both competitors, The Jamitor completely conquered Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song, squeaking out a win and becoming the new reigning champ of Custer, SD!

Check out his winning performance here.

He’ll be joining the rest of the USAG Wild Cards in NYC for a chance to take a spot at US Air Guitar Nationalson August 4that Rough Tradein Brooklyn. Who’ll be joining him next?

Final Standings:
1.     The Jamitor (35.6) 71.2
2.     Iced B (35.6) 70.9
3.     Randall The North Wind Dupont (35.5)
4.     Fight Air Flight (35.5)
5.     2Can Sam (34.7)
6.     Air Spray (33.5)
7.     DC Talk (Disqualified)  

Judges: Brad McKinney, Daryl Stisser, Krystal Hunsaker, Keely Mahoney, Eric Sutton

Host: Han Guitar Solo (Chris Pelczarski)

Kriston Rucker