The "air apparents": meet Brock McRock!

USAG Name: Brock McRock, (a.k.a. Slashsquatch, Thrustin Beaver, Anthony Scaramoochscaramooch Will You do the Fandango?, Matthew Macoghnaheyheyhey)
Real Name: Taylor Fullbright
Years in Air Guitar: 9
Lives in: Woodlands, TX
Competing in: Austin, TX (Current Austin champ)

As this spotlight series has shown, there are several people who have been participating in U.S. Air Guitar for the better part of a decade – and in some cases, even longer. But out of all the individuals who have given so much of their lives and passion to the sport, few have really thrown themselves into their personae as much as 9-year USAG vet and current Austin champ Brock McRock. Even the author of this piece has been involved in USAG for 8 years, and had no idea Brock’s real name is Taylor Fullbright.


“My air guitar persona became me for years,” McRock says. “I was always a little timid and shy in ways. I never really thought of standing in front of 45,000 – the largest crowd I've performed for at a sold-out Astros game – as something my anxiety riddled body could handle. After rocking with Brock for a while, my life changed. I became more outgoing with no anxiety, and through air guitar I met my wife! Two kids later she still thinks I'm a rock star!”

Initially, McRock says he got into air guitar because, “I was/is a vain guy that wants the world to know his name, even if it’s made up.” That being said, what’s up with the various name changes? How are people supposed to keep track of you with a new moniker every air guitar season? “After 9 years, my focus has shifted to ‘selling’ the shows,” he says. “Sponsorship is the hardest thing about air guitar, and it’s a challenge I accept willingly.”


If McRock’s focus has shifted to more of a behind-the-scenes role, it would be hard to tell just by looking at his air guitar travel schedule. “I've traveled and played at all but 3 stops on the tour,” he says, “and one day hope to hit every market. I've rocked on the highest peaks, the most arid deserts, underwater, and in the snow. I'm probably the most traveled air guitarist in US history (by competitions, not miles).”

Aside from being the first air guitarist to win with a country song, and the first to start a legit mosh pit (in DC), McRock hopes to be the first Texan to hold the US and World Championship titles. “The thought of representing my country on a grand stage such as Finland really gets my juices flowing,” he says. “To be a World Champion at something without any training is right up my alley.” 


However, there’s still plenty outside of his USAG world for him to focus on. “My growing family is my true love right now. With baby two on the way*, I can't think of anything else that makes my heart as happy. My first daughter, Aria, was named after air guitar.”

It’s obvious then that Brock won’t be straying from his air guitar life any time soon, and that he might even be passing the torch to future members of the McRock clan. Be sure to catch him defending his current title at the Austin U.S. Air Guitar Championships on June 16th, 2018 at the Highball.

*Since the interview, baby number two has arrived! Congrats McRock family. We look forward to meeting the U.S. Air Guitar 2036 National Champion. 

Kriston Rucker