The "air apparents": meet Fan Air(N)ation!

Air Guitar Name: Fan Air(N)ation
Real Name: Brian Dunn
Years Active: 3 years
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Performing in: Sacramento & San Diego

Other than the obvious perks of vast fame and fortune, there are other benefits of being a competitive air guitarist. Creating a character and routine that pushes your true personality to the extreme is the perfect outlet for letting out our inner weirdo. Few competitors take advantage of this more than LA-based Brian Dunn, a.k.a Fan Air(N)ation.


“I like joking around, making people laugh and saying way out things. I love getting a double take response and watching when it actually registers in their heads,” says Dunn. “With my character I get that instant ‘What the Fuck? Fuck YES!!’ reaction from the crowd. [That gets them] turned on and up to 11. 

“I really like the whole free creativity of the process and — even though it's scary as fuck — to step on that stage, point up, and make it all come alive.”

Dunn has even taken his hilarious persona and brought Fan Air(N)ation into our homes. He’s the mastermind and host of FaceTime Air-Off, a web series that challenges air guitarists from across the country to battle each other for the ultimate air glory. His often destructive and unpredictable behavior on the show – and onstage — is certainly informed by Dunn’s unique personality.

“All my friends and family think I'm weird,” Dunn says. “I’m happy they get to see that part of me. Whenever we see each other in person they have this smile on their faces like ‘This fucking guy.’ 


“For a brief moment in their crazy life, I can elicit a joyful emotion inside of them and that makes my heart happy.”

Dunn is known for sporting a bright pink tutu and rocking out to Cheech and Chong. He also tends to occasionally go far beyond the suggested three beer minimum. But none of that changes his commitment to family. 

“My kids saved me,” Dunn says. “My old lady runs the whole ship. The only thing I run is my mouth, and after all these years she still likes me…I think.”


But Dunn has his air guitar family too. And, like many air guitarists, he constantly looks to them for inspiration. 

“I love creating something from nothing,” he says, “but what’s even better is watching other air guitarists entertain me with nothing and making me believe. Feeling alive is where it’s at.”

Ready to experience the ridiculousness for yourself? See Fan Air(N)ation compete for a spot at the U.S. Air Guitar NationalsTWICE this year — in Sacramento at the Sofiaon June 9thand in San Diego at the Merrowon June 30th.

Kriston Rucker