The 2019 US Air Guitar Championships are here!

And just like that—IT’S ALL HAPPENING.  

The US Air Guitar season traditionally starts around late April or early May, but it seems like 2019 already has our air heroes a bit antsy.

Last weekend, 12 seasoned U.S. Air Guitar vets suddenly found themselves together in Kansas City with no solid evening plans. Then they realized they were eating dinner in a music venue with an empty stage.

The rest, as they say, is histAIRy. While sanctioned USAG competitions usually take months to plan and execute, the first qualifier of 2019 was pulled off in less than three hours.  

Now, we have our first Dark Horse competitor and the 2019 Kansas City Air Guitar Champion, Cind-ANGST-Ella! Don’t worry. A write-up about this pop-up competition is soon to come.


But now you might be asking: How can the season start without any dates being announced?

Fair question, so let’s resolve that burning question we’ve been waiting for since Georgia Lunch was declared the 2018 U.S. Air Guitar National Champion last August:

2019 U.S. AIR GUITAR QUALIFIERS (First place sent to Dark Horse): 

6/8: Custer, SD

6/8: Cleveland, OH

6/8:  Sacramento, CA

6/22:  Austin, TX

More will be announced very soon!


REGIONALS (First place sent to Nationals): 

4/13: Orlando, FL

5/18: Denver, CO

6/1: Houston, TX

6/15: Portland, OR

6/22:  Chicago, IL

6/22:  San Francisco, CA

6/29: San Diego, CA

And now the Million Dollar Question—


Many USAG members know that our favorite kilt-clad organizer Whit Hubner, a.k.a. Witness, has been vying for a Nationals bid in his home town. Now, the time has come! 

On August 3rd, 2019, USAG will descend upon Nashville like the rabid weirdos we are in search of rock, world peace—and maybe a little beer. Since Hubner is a local rock DJ with years of experience planning and executing events, he’s sure to have something flat-out unforgettable up his sleeve.  

And what better city to host Nationals than Nashvegas? Combining Austin’s fervent live music scene with the anything-goes attitude of Vegas, Nashville will be the perfect spot for this year’s Air Guitar Summer Camp.

Aside from being an ideal party atmosphere—where the 3-beer-minimum will most likely be exceeded within the first 5 minutes—the palpable passion for music and putting on a damn good show should make for the perfect crowd to please.

So now the big question is: How will the Nashville vibe affect your performance? Or your overall character? We’re all rock and roll—but maybe you’re a little more country than you thought? 

See you out there airheads, and let’s get 2019 started!

Kriston Rucker