Ohio Air Guitar Throwdown!

The inaugural Air Guitar Throwdown brings an Ohio-qualifier back to life, and represents the start of an annual Memorial Day Tradition - family, fun, shredding, kick-ass beer, followed by more shredding and kick-ass melt-your-face-beer. Sponsored by The Ohio Taproom and being held at Woodlands Tavern, the competition kicks off at 5pm on May 25th, and ends at the exact moment no one is left standing.


As a sign of the demand for the Qualifier, US Air Guitar Hall of Famer and 3-time Ohio defending champion, Derek Not-So-Smalls, will be on-hand to take on all-comers.  Seconds by Jane Elaine will have their Ohio-raised-bison sloppy joes and nachos to provide sustenance, and Hoof Hearted Brewing will be featured as beer of choice so that your David Lee Roth chapless buns don’t go un-hydrated.

The winner goes on to the next round for US Air Guitar national championships, and will receive cash-money to help!

That is all… if entering, send your music to john@theohiotaproom.com by Monday morning.

Cheers all!

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