4th Place Semifinal Winners Invited to US Air Guitar Nationals!

An announcement to all US Air Guitar fans and supporters: This year has been better than ever. The support from our dedicated community has allowed more talent to compete and advance than ever before. And we're about to widen that net even further.  

In a review of the 2013 US Air Guitar format change -- and due to the large number of incredible performances at Semifinal competitions this year -- the top 4 from each semifinal will be invited to compete in the USAG National Championship in Los Angeles on Sat Aug 17 at the House of Blues - Sunset Strip! This means that Danny Tanner Tantrum and Van Dammage have qualified to compete in the finals, as will the top 4 in the upcoming Midwest (Chicago) and Western (San Francisco) Semifinals.




LA, are you ready?


Photos courtesy wrongbrainfilms and blinkofaneye.


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