Air Guitar Nation & Video Aireoke Explode in Kansas City

Saturday night at the Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City, AIR GUITAR NATION, the 2003 documentary that chronicled the birth of US Air Guitar, celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a theatrical screening and a live air guitar experience like nothing that's ever been seen before. After AIR GUITAR NATION, the near-capacity crowd was treated to a special message from Björn Türoque filmed last week from his private compound. Just what is the co-star of the critically acclaimed movie up to? Find out in this exclusive video:

After the movie, Aireoke (originated by Türoque) took VIDEO form on the giant movie screen while mayhem reigned throughout the theater. The air guitar faithful in KC drank the Drafthouse out of all their PBR and left the space in ruins, with spilled drinks and vast carnage as far as the eye could see. The showing of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL next door wasn't too happy that James Franco was drowned out by Andrew W.K., but it improved the movie if you ask us.

Passions were inflamed, here was an appearance by KC's premier air band FIST STAB, and only two people were seriously hurt.

When it was all said and done, the powers that be at the Drafthouse said it was right up their alley. This will happen again.

Air Guitar Nation & Video Aireoke in Kansas City

In 45 min @alamoKC your mind will be blown (or at least pyro'ed) #usairguitarEric Melin
I'm at Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet - @alamokc for Air Guitar Nation and Aireoke After Party w/ @natevictor Templeton
Here for Movies That Rock & Air Guitar Videoke after party pics incoming after the movie #usairguitar (@ alamokc) Fuller
Getting silly in @AlamoKC !! #usairguitar Nacis
AIR Guitar cinema style!!! @AlamoKC @usairguitar Longbottom
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Air guitar with Queen and Mean Melin @AlamoKC. #usairguitar Templeton
Yes, that's @SportsBuddaye spread eagle doing air guitar to Poison @AlamoKC . #usairguitar #classy #loveofmylife Dobnikar
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Fist Stab! @alamoKC #usairguitarEric Melin
Air guitar in a movie theater! #aireoke #airoff #airness #airguitar #usairguitarAlisha Templeton
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Holy shit if you weren't here or haven't seen this then you missed out!! #usairguitar we... #AirGuitarNation #GetGlue…Steven Fuller
Two Melins in one place, @AlamoKC . Too hot...for teacher, that is. #usairguitar @SceneStealrEric Dobnikar
Stevie G lost his air guitar virginity at @AlamoKC. #usairguitar Garcia
Air flute! @alamoKC #usairguitarEric Melin
All of the rock tees. @AlamoKC #Darkness #usairguitar Templeton
The "Air Guitar Nation" aftermath at @AlamoKC. #usairguitar Garcia