Air Guitar: Putting the "D" in Des Moines

-This is a guest post by Des Moines host and current "that's what she said" champion of this blog, Flying Finn-

Here's a short rundown of what happened in Des Moines on Friday, June 6.

7 competitors took the stage (which I hear is average, but from what the internet tells us, there are a lot of Air Guitar Shows out there that are a lot bigger) but it wasn't the size of the show that mattered...These competitors rocked our world!

It started simply enough with guest judge and birthday boy, CorpAirAtion, taking the stage to double-team with Flying Finn. It was supposed to be an AC/DC track, but somehow it got replaced with "Hocus Pocus" by Focus. If you follow Air Guitar, you know how much Corp loves that song (he was not pleased)! I only wish you all could have seen his face when we whipped out the surprise. But enough of that junk, let's get to the show!

Stack Attack hot-dogged it as a walk-on, not planning to compete, followed by StackHammer, who may have been StackHammered after talking more than a mouthful of Fireball.

Dapper Dwarf changed up his performance from Kansas City by not getting undressed, and I think the judges docked him points for it. Pricks.

Sonic Bitch did not shrivel under the spotlight, but instead,  stood tall & killed her set.

Air Guitar virgin, Harvey Wahlbanger looked ready to explode with his own set, and ended up tied for third after the first round with Sonic Bitch.

freddyfingersAt the head of the group, Iron Dragon and Freddy Fingers each looked like they were going to finish first. They were pounding their invisible strings like you've never seen. They finished tied for first after the first round, which I hear is quite the accomplishment.

The compulsory round was "Paranoid" as covered by Megadeth. In the end, Iron Dragon would prove to be the total package & come out on top, with Freddy Fingers coming second. Sonic Bitch, belle of the ball, placed third, and all three qualified for the Semi.


Harvey Wahlbanger made it hard on the judges and finished 4th, but he learned valuable lessons from the judges' tips, and was subsequently chosen as a wild-card for the midwest semi.

Stack Attack and Dapper Dwarf pretty much got the shaft in the second round, but left with heads held high.

Oh yeah, and Stack Hammer showed his penis.

Shout out to Kevin Fingers for the great photo & video work! Follow @usairguitar, tweet using #usairguitar, and find us on Instagram.