Air Guitar World Championships this Friday!

8:15 PM Finland / 1:15 PM Eastern / 10:15 AM Pacific

“The climax of the air guitar season, the breathtakingly thrilling World Final will be battled at Oulu Market place on Friday 26 August. The evening gathers together the best air guitarists from over 20 countries plus the victorious dark horses. Only one can be the best of the best,the airiest of them all, and take home the shiniest trophy! In addition to the fame and glory, the winner will be awarded with a real guitar, an outstanding Flying Finn handmade by Matti Nevalainen.”

Ten thousand fans will gather in the not-so-sleepy town of Oulu this Friday.  They will watch in awe as the United States of America’s NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard) crushes to death in the name of world peace some 20 other countries.  We’ll attempt to stream it here, but we recommend you watch it directly from the AGWC site.