Airhab celebrates his wedding with poop in his pants - A Boston preview!

The following post is from Captain Airhab, organizer and host of the 2013 US Air Guitar Boston Qualifier: guest-blog-series



Ahhh spring is in the air (!) again in the fine city of Boston, Mass. You know what that means right? Only that the biggest rivalry in all of sports rears its ugly head again. No I'm not talking about that one in that game where they have sticks and balls (balls!). I'm talking about the bitter rivalry between Boston #usairguitar regulars Rockupine and Operation Rock-A-Pussy. The rest of the year, these two are best friends and roommates but once US Air Guitar season rolls around they become cutthroats who will do anything to one up the other (including possibly cutting throats).



This year, the rivalry will come to fruition on June 7 at Radio in Somerville (ENTER NOW).


But this year wont be just about rivalries and slitting throats, it'll also be about love. For on this very same night it also happens to be Captain Airhab's and Mrs. Airhab's (who you may soon possibly know as Canadian Bacon?) 5th anniversary. That's right, we're forgoing usual anniversary activities to spend it with you crazy air guitarists, some of our favorite people in the world. It's somewhat fitting though, since five years ago I was going to enter my first US Air Guitar competition but it happened to take place two days before our wedding, so I didn't compete. When Radio told me they had this date available for the Boston qualifier, I asked the wife if I should host it on that date and the response was "shit ya, book that shit, asshole." (paraphrased, not a direct quote.)



Wait, hold on a second, Radio in SOMERVILLE? That's not Boston, how can you call this a BOSTON qualifier? Yeah, I know, but close enough. I am going to be like that asshole band who's playing a show in Cambridge and says "It's great to be here in Boston." I apologize in advance to all you Somervillians?, Somervillites?, Somervillholes? I don't know what you call yourselves, but as I was typing this I noticed SomerVILLIANS, so i'll stick with that one.


Let me tell you about Radio. It is a fantastic venue that is actually excited about us weirdos invading their space. I have never seen a venue more excited about a show I've booked than Radio has been about the Boston US Air Guitar Qualifier. They are very local music friendly, have shows Thursdays through Sunday afternoons, and have a cheap-as-fuck room fee. They even found our sponsors for the night, Mr. Music (the place to go to purchase your air guitar or there guitar) and Harmonix (makers of Rock Band). Look for their kitchen opening soon (Radio's, not Harmonix's).


Judging for the night we will have the legendary McNallica, and current Boston champ Danny Tanner Tantrum, and coming all the way from Bermuda to judge, Barry Tattle.



For some reason I decided I'd be able to handle emceeing the night and I might just poop my pants. (By the way, how many poop jokes can you tell while emceeing an air guitar event? I will try to go one over the limit.)


To wrap things up, there have been a lot of parentheses in this blog, so here's one more for good luck ().