USAG Honors its Best and Brightest

At a ceremony in Los Angeles' premier karaoke bar next to Koreatown's finest strip club, nearly 30 competitors received awards for their superlative efforts in this field of magnificence.  Each recipient was presented with his or her own medal or trophy, except for those in absentia, who will receive theirs in the mail some day.  

In their honor, each winner has been specially encoded to light up when you mouse over their names in the table below (click here for the full experience).


Namesake Awards
[table]Award,Stage Name,Real Name The Airistotle Cheerleader Medal for Totes Adorbs,Airistotle,Matt Burns The Air Bear Award for Drunken Idiocy,Crankenstein The Frophy Award for Excellence in Character Development and Execution,Diane Cletus,John Humphrey The Bettie B. Goode 9 Toe Trophy,Dry Ice,Aarón Alonso The G-TSO Money Award for Most Improved,Jean Luc Pickguard,Tom Smo The Magic Cyclops Award,Lost Heartbreaker,Rob Nechanicky The Bjorn Turoque "We Try Harder" Award,Magic Cyclops,Magic Cyclops The Daniel Day Lewis Award,The Marquis,Rob Messel The Shred Nugent Award for Technical Purity,Midnight Maniaxe,Erik Pertl The Hanneman Halftime Achievement Award,Nordic Thunder,Justin Howard The Stiff Dickens Award for Innovation,Peter Stiff Dickins,Nick Colby The Jason Jones Award for Getting Shafted by a Judge),Six String General,Tim Granlund The Doug Stroock Wind Beneath Our Wings Award,Thunder Strook,Doug Stroock The C-Diddy Award for Best Performance,Van Damage,Luke Sevcik The Tiger Claw Award for Most Dedication to the Sport,Whalin Big Air,Mahlon Koopman The William Ocean Award for William Ocean,William Ocean,Andrew Litz[/table]


Inaugural Awards

[table]Stage Name,Real Name,Award Brock McRock,Taylor Fullbright,Most Gentlemanly Inebriated Competitor Captain Airhab,Matt LeBel,Relentless Commitment to the Bit in the Face of Inclimate Weather and Sobriety Cold Steel Renegade,Matt Feldstein,Best Abs Flying Finn,Andrew Finn,Achievement in Airbrushing G. T$o Money,Del Kun-Chen,Excellence in Asian Fury Lt. Facemelter,Jason Farnan,Bunting Award Mean Melin,Eric Melin,Widest Social Reacharound Seth Leibowitz,Justin Hypes,Best Stage Name Soulstice,Gemini Pankey,Minute Thief Thunderball & Sonyk Bitch,Nielsen Nacis & Rachelle Landreth,Sewing Seeds of Air Guitar 2.0 Tiger Claw,Dan LaFever,The Freebird Tyranicus,Brandon Baker,Rookie of the Year White Flame,Adrianna Lombardo,The Crucible (aka The Density Award aka The Neutron Star Award) Windhammer,Rob Weychert,Always Knowing the Song (Any Genre)[/table]


Freebird Award


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