Awesome on awesome: awesome

2009 SF champion AWESOME (Alex Koll) inked this piece for the most recent Bold Italic.  It’s a must read.

When the U.S. Air Guitar Championships roll into town during the summer, men and women of an otherwise mild manner are transformed into gods of pure rock. Sweaty and shameless displays of pure enthusiasm set to epic anthems produce girth-defying feats of semi-acrobatics that drive audiences wild.  

San Francisco is one of the – if not THE – best cities to compete. This city gets it, plain and simple. It’s no secret that weirdness is dense here. There is no shortage of willing wing nuts ready to push the boundaries of the sport to its strangest limits. People here also love to get drunk and watch some sideways shit go down. Does it break convention? Is it a pure spectacle? Is there a keg? If so, you’ve got an event! That’s why the USAG does two sold-out nights in SF each year. When the finals were here in 2008, they filled the Regency Ballroom. When the competition was pared down to one night in 2010, the freakin’ Fillmore was sold out.

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