AWSM/Shred Begley Jr. makes ha-ha in Phoenix

Ever since we put on the worst show in USAG history back in 2008, Phoenix won't let us east of Havasu.  The closest we'll probably ever come is SF's AWESOME/SHRED BEGLEY JR. (Alex Koll) doing stand up at Space 55 Theatre.  Here's a fun quip from the Phoenix New Times: As a two-year champion of Air Guitar battles, did the loss of your title steal a piece of your soul? Are you working to reclaim the throne? No, all Air Guitar frees your soul. If not, you're doing it all wrong. My nemesis, Cold Steel Renegade is a worthy opponent and in the end the competition doesn't steal your soul but sharpens it. We both went head-to-head again this year in San Francisco, only to be beaten out by another competitor. So in the humbling moment of loss we both found the value of camaraderie, and together beat the winner to death in the parking lot with his own air guitar.

[read the whole thing here]