What Are Your Top 5 Air Guitar Tunes?

Back in 2008, USA Today covered the U.S. Air Guitar Championships in San Francisco, posting 6 videos from future U.S. Air Guitar Hall of Famers (check this shit out!) and asking William Ocean for his 5 Best Tunes to Air Guitar To:  



Let's Go Crazy, Prince "From the church-organ intro to the hip-shaking beats to the final sizzling guitar solo, this song is the complete package."

Rosanna, Toto "Its power chords are enough to send shockwaves through your spine."

Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins "Nailing this track is as rewarding as taking down an enemy fighter in a dogfight."

Beverly Hills 90210 Theme Song "By the sounds of it, this session guitarist could have backed up Jimmy Page or Angus Young."

Tush, ZZ Top "Just full of tasty licks. Add in a couple of signature ZZ Top guitar pinwheel spins for an authentic take."


As the 2013 U.S. Air Guitar season approaches, we want to know: What Are Your Top 5 Songs To Air Guitar To? Shout it out below:



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