Boston: Unfazed by Venue Closings

- This is a guest post by Captain Airhab, host of the Boston qualifier- Alright I better do this.  Air2D2 has been asking me to get this done. The Preview of the 2015 Boston Qualifier for the US Air Guitar Championships: Saturday, June 6th at 5:30pm. I really don't know what to write for this but I'm staring at a copy of the novelization of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey so hopefully that well written tome will give me inspiration. I was supposed to write this yesterday (2 days ago now) while watching Star Wars with Air2D2 (true) but instead I fell asleep. So here I am on a Monday afternoon at 3:41pm drinking a beer and trying to figure out what to write.

boston flyer 2015Last year Boston turned out to be a surprising success.  And that was on Memorial Day weekend.  This year we're doing another matinee show but not on Memorial Day weekend so I thought it would be way less stressful.  It's not, Boston loves to sign up at the last minute. (Hey Rockupine: sign up, I know you're competing.) But we did get some awesome press this year. A write up on and the most excellent Boston punk rock blog Bishop and Rook.

Our returning judge this year is Allix Mortis and newcomers: comedian  Jake McDowell and Mike D'Angelo, host of Old School Game Show.

Captain Airhab (that's me) will be hosting again and as of now my intro stands at a falling asleep time of 4 and a half minutes (I may {most likely will} die) .

And we have a half time performance by acoustic comedy dudes The Daley Grimes.

Finally we're doing this again at T.T. The Bear's Place,  who were really supportive last year, but sadly after existing for an awesome 40 years are closing in July.

So who will win on Saturday...  Will it be Jim Hatfield (he played me his edit, it's gonna be awesome), Operation Rock A Pussy (no dark ghost of ???), Filthy Fingers (hey),  Air2D2 (formerly Canadian Bacon), Jeff Hann-Air-man (after a 1 year hiatus), Big Red (sign up!), or Rockupine (also sign up!)  or maybe someone I trick into signing up (Paulie!)

Oh yeah, and Lauren's gonna be there.

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