Boston's Qualifier: Ghosts, Glitter, (Air) Guitar

-This post is by Boston qualifier organizer and host Captain Airhab, who, in the immortal words of Eddie Spaghetti, likes rock 'n' roll songs about rock 'n' roll with rock 'n' roll right in the title.-

As I'm sitting here watching American Psycho 2: All American Girl (kill me next) I'm reminded "oh yeah, I've got to write the Boston Qualifier recap blog."

I'll start by saying this:  I was nervous as shit going into the show.  Last year we was a total success, we had 16 competitors and the place was packed.  This year, until a week before the show we only had 2 people signed up, one of which was Manhattan organizer Rocka Khan (who I knew wasn't going to be there since Manhattan was the same night).  We did get more, but still there were only six signed up going into the night.


Volunteering to go first was Mr. Science.  I'm not 100% sure who this was but he sure did look familiar.  Going second was a competitor who wasn't signed up but wasn't exactly a walk on either.  While looking for walk ons I figured the guy with the mohawk might be interested, he immediately handed me a flash drive and said his name was Warpath.

Drawing the number 3 spot of the night was Boston veteran Dark Ghost of Operation Rock A Pussy, who scored the first 6.0 of the night and also spewed the first glitter of the night.  Following OpRock was a newcomer.  He had never even seen an air guitar competition before.  He went by the name of Satan Claus.  Even though this was his first time, he's not new to competition.  As a member of the Boston Beard Bureau he is a competitive beardsman (spell check is telling me that's not a word but he assured me that's the proper term.)

Right in the middle of the pack was the birthday girl Canadian Bacon.  (I tried hard to embarrass her by making the crowd sing to her)  Up next we had Boston legend DTT followed by another Boston veteran Filthy Fingers.


In the 8th spot was walk on Captain Inzaino, who did a huge line of air cocaine on stage. Closing out round 1 was last years Boston champ Rockupine.

As the judges were tabulating the scores I was handed 3 beers and a shot and we had a fantastic musical performance by the always entertaining Marianne Toilet and The Runs (check em out)

And before we move on to the second round let's talk about the folks tabulating the scores.  Baberham Lincoln flew all the way from Philly just to judge our little shindig, and she brought Stu with her who was pressing the spacebar all night.  We also had 2nd year in a row judge, the always hilarious Barry Tattle (aka Chris Coxen). Rounding up the panel was the fantastic first time judge Allix Mortis, who perfectly played the role of Barry Tattle's ex-wife.  Brilliant.

Round 2 consisted of Boston vets:  5. Filthy Fingers.  4. Canadian Bacon.  3. Dark Ghost of Operation Rock A Pussy. 2. Rockupine. 1. DTT.  The track was a cut of Fight For Your Right To Party.

Final order of the night was: 5. Canadian Bacon. 4. Filthy Fingers. 3. Operation Rock A Pussy. 2. Rockupine 1. DTT.

Turned out I was nervous for nothing, Boston turned out another amazing night of air guitar and at a matinee show on Memorial Day weekend at that.

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