Central Conference Finals: Now on AIR GUITAR TV!

agtvcentralMissed a performance from Friday's Central Conference Final in Chicago? Want to revisit your favorites? Can't get enough of Mom Jeans Jeanie's sensible haircut and need to show it to your hairstylist? You're in luck! Nearly every performance from the Central Conference Finals is now available on our YouTube channel, Air Guitar TV! We did say "nearly every performance." You may notice you're not seeing Air Jesus, or the halftime show, for instance. Anything that isn't available was taken down by The Man; your correspondent can't help but suspect the hand of CorpAIRation in this somehow. But we're working on getting everything made available for you, so check back often!

Air Guitar TV is the spot for all your US Air Guitar videos; we're pretty damn proud of it, and proud of ourselves for joining the modern era. Now we can be internet famous on the level of slightly-deformed cats. But we can only achieve that level of fame with your help. Subscribe to the channel and tell all your friends to subscribe too! And your mom. And other people's moms.

Feel free to share your favorites (and your least favorites, I guess, if you're a jerk) far and wide - proslytize the gospel of air guitar! And go binge-watch Chicago's competitors to get yourself amped up for the rest of the postseason!

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