Central PA Is Now Air Guitar Central

- This is a guest post by the organizer of the Central PA qualifier, which took place on April 25th -  Host The Amish Airssasin opened the evening with a hip-gyrating experience to Complete Control by The Clash. Rumor has it that wasn’t a pair of socks enhancing the efforts put forth by his leather pants. A trio of Airists broke Central PA’s collective airy—Rear Admiral Kickass, Dirk Smathers, and Air Miller—ensuring the area will enter into a lifelong co-dependent relationship with Air Guitar.

Judges Mickey “The Kid” English—host of Mickey’s Morning Mayhem on WQCM, Rear Admiral KickassScott Hart—Six O’clock Shadow Facial Hair Club President, and proprietor of Dr. Donegal’s Beard Tonic, and uncoveringpa.com travel blogger Jim Cheney separated the wheat from the chafe handing a well-earned victory to Rear Admiral Kickass. His performance was highlighted by a nearly perfect performance in the 2nd round crushing strategically placed beer cans to the beat of Beastie Boys Sabotage. Kickass also came the closest to concussing himself after poorly judging the friction provided by The Thought Lot’s slick concrete floors on an otherwise well-timed stage dive.

Kickass was followed by a 2nd place performance from Dirk Smathers who earned his air by biting the head off of an air chicken during the compulsory round. Air Miller will join his comrades in air at the D.C. Semifinals after breathing new air into the Power Rangers theme song.

The ground has been broken in Shippensburg, PA and Air Guitar’s seed has been planted deep. Many spectators entered into the US Air Guitar fold that night vowing to be on stage next year for their shot at Air glory.

photo of Rear Admiral Kickass by James Robinson of PennLive.com

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