Central PA to Make History April 25th

- This is a guest post by the organizer of the Central PA qualifier, now free to host his event since evil overlord CorpAIRation has been ousted.- Central PA Air Guitar QualifierAs US Air Guitar creeps into every nook and cranny of this great land Amish country is about to be consumed in the euphoria of Airness, which works out great since they aren’t allowed to play real guitars anyway.

Shippensburg, PA, formerly most famous for being sort-of close to places of importance, and probably having a celebrity pass through before now has reason to celebrate—US Air Guitar has arrived. Saturday April 25th at The Thought Lot you can observe others rock out to the most majestic of unobservable instruments.

Come on South Central PA! It’s time to wake up from our shoo-fly pie and scrapple induced coma and focus all the energy we’ve spent avoiding potholes into something productive.

We’ve spread manure.

We’ve spread apple butter.

We’ve spread out our handmade quilts for the world to purchase at reasonable prices.

Can’t we spread a little Air?

Unfortunately, full repeal of prohibition has yet to spread to Pennsylvania so this one is BYOB. Air provided gratis.

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