Champion Tuesday: Ricky Stinkfingers

I first met RICKY STINKFINGERS (Alex Forbes) in San Francisco three or four years ago when he was performing on top of the Giants dugout during the 7th inning stretch at AT&T Park.  I’ll never forget the look of sheer terror on the faces of rookie pitchers Tim Lincecum and Jonathan Sanchez, nor will I ever forget how neither player had the balls to admit in their later careers that most (if not all) of their successes resulted from witnessing this leggy air guitar champion in pink tights doing unthinkable acts to the team mascot before 40,000 screaming baseball fans.

But Ricky Stinkfingers’ career hit an all-time low in 2009, returning to the circuit after blowing several high profile interviews in Portland and San Francisco, where he was living at the time.  Of the few quotes recorded that year, perhaps most telling was, “I may have missed that radio spot, but I never missed last call.” Later that season Stinkfingers failed to advance to the National Finals, instead taking an unpaid internship on the US Air Guitar security detail in charge of keeping our celebrity judges safe.  The internship ended abruptly, and Stinkfingers did not receive the letter of recommendation he requested.

After the ‘09 season, Stinkfingers’ followers – including two very pouty starting pitchers for the San Francisco Giants – feared he was lost in the woods.  But in 2010, after a life-changing move to Manhattan, Stinkfingers won New York’s regional championship, which many claim is the competition’s most impenetrable market.  It was the performance of a lifetime.  Today, “The Stink” remains in the vanguard of competitive air guitar, and one of the top performers to watch out for in 2011.

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As always, this kick ass limited edition jpeg comes from the sweet fingers of Lieutenant Facemelter (Jason Farnan).