Champions: ATC takes it sitting down

Today’s post brought to you by World Taco Eating Champion and USAG blog enthusiast, Hot Lixx Hulahan.

Bring it down, raise the house lights, and take a knee – I wanna get real for a second.  This blog is presented as if the collective brain of the USAG staff and elders as a whole were dispensing pop culture, social acumen, and pee-pee jokes.  But in fact, these posts are devised by one man – a man who spends the other nine months of the year running an educational program inside America’s most notorious prison institution.  Uniquely qualified then, this man has become the proverbial Man Behind The Curtain at our live competitions, organizing competitors (aka “herding cats”), working with the venue’s personnel (aka “dealing with the grumpies”), and manning the music (aka “pressing the spacebar”).  When things go awry, the weight invariably falls on his shoulders, which happens only often enough to keep his self-esteem low to a point that he does whatever we ask of him, whenever we ask it, and with as many (or, usually, few) clothes as we see fit. That man is USAG’s very own ATC, West Hays.

Boundless gratitude to LT. FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan) for the graphical mastery behind each and every card.
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