COLD STEEL RENEGADE (Matt Feldstein) first endeared himself to me in San Francisco when I accompanied him and HOT LIXX to the Comcast Sports Net studios for an on-air interview and performance with CSN anchor, Greg Papa.  Ever the professional, Cold Steel didn’t break character once, despite Papa’s growing discomfort standing next to this well-built topless man in pink tights with his mic hanging from chest hairs.  The weird was palpable (fast forward to the one minute mark on the video), and the concern on the faces of my surrounding off-stage CSN crew was indescribable. Papa, himself accustomed to being the biggest personality in the room, kept shrinking and shrinking until eventually the only thing in the room was CSR, Hot Lixx, and a whole lot of awkward.

Ever since then, he has continued to impress me.  Cold Steel Renegade’s turn-ons include: hijacking county fairs with a spontaneous performance, oddities, and his own nut sack. Very often he’ll mix them all into into one highly potent cocktail, available across the Bay Area wherever strange and ambiguity are sold and consumed.  

“Barkeep, make mine a Cold Steel Renegade.”

Each handmade trading card celebrates like never before the pillars of US Air Guitar – those members of the competitive air guitar community who have lifted the sport out of the bedroom, onto the stage, and now into the basement beside water-damaged sets of Magic the Gathering and d20 dice.

These limited edition jpegs come in two sets: CHAMPIONS (Tuesdays) and LEGENDS (Thursdays), featuring rankings and expert analysis on everything from competitor agility to homoeroticity.

Big ol’ thanks to LT. FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan) for his Photoshop wizardry.