Champions: MEAN MELIN

Eric Melin is the type of guy who’s waiting at the hotel with cookies when the van pulls up.  He’s the type of guy who gets you free passes to AMC’s flagship theater in Kansas City.  He’s the type of guy who’s always smiling.

MEAN MELIN, Eric’s alter ego, is a world class son of a bitch.  Many is the time I’ve mopped blood from his stage, and every is the time mothers cover their baby’s ears when his name is announced over the PA.  And when he has to be, he’s a hard nosed event promoter from whom no front page is safe.

His exploits as a performer have often bridged the gap between Air Guitar and traditional art, as when he flash mobbed the multi-million dollar America Now and Here art project with a spontaneous air guitar show on ANH’s kickoff weekend.  Melin sent us regular field reports, including this: “We dropped the flash mob right on their premises and instead of getting mad they taped it and interviewed me on camera for inclusion in their art project!”  For this, Melin’s face was all over the local FOX and CBS affiliates, to name a few.

To many, he’s the best “air mentor” a guy could ever ask for.  By day, he’s the only film critic I trust.  By night he’s one of Kansas City’s freest thinkers.  And a couple times a year, he’s every competitor’s worst fucking nightmare.  He’s a two-time regional champion who will be representing his native KC in the US Air Guitar National Finals in Chicago this summer.  And today, US Air Guitar proudly presents Mean Melin with our highest accolades given to an active performer.