Chicago Qualifier - Rebel Girls

What happens when you let a group of US Air Guitar chicks loose on the streets of Chicago?  


Pandalerium ensues, in a badass video from 2010 US Air Guitar National Champ Romeo Dance Cheetah.


US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier – Chicago Saturday, June 8, 2013 The Gingerman Chicago, IL ENTER NOW Competitor check-in 8pm, show later





Here's some words from White Flame, Chicago's current champ and one of three co-organizers of the Chicago #usairguitar Qualifier:

"Chicago has become a cozy little place for air guitarists to fester and explode and I am so incredibly glad to be a part of this community because I truly believe in what each performer, or competitor brings to the stage. Everyone is so different yet coexists so well when it comes to the universal language of rock n’ roll. The White Flame is all about embracing empowerment in your individuality so for me it means being able to show people that there’s more to pretty girls than just being pretty. I love the air guitar community not only in Chicago but around the country because there is no judgement or animosity whatsoever. Yes, at the end of the day it’s a competition, yet it’s also a true entertainment experience. There’s a certain respect amongst all of us that comes from a truly genuine place. I want to encourage as many people as possible to come out and experience a competition either as an audience member or a competitor because YouTube just doesn’t do it justice. And this concludes your afterschool special from what Miss America *should* be."





Viva La Muerte is another co-organizer, and she describes herself as "a pint-sized powerhouse performer and producer of Hot & Heavy Burlesque." She has been featured in HUSTLER magazine and on Jerry Springer & America’s Got Talent. Viva dove headfirst into the US Air Guitar world for the 1st time in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.





Rocky Rhodes, who competed as a Dark Horse in last year's US Air Guitar Nationals, in the third co-organizer of this weened's epic show. This is Rocky's fourth year competing on the US Air Guitar circuit. She is a wild thing and she will make your heart sing!



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