Corp Cuts Costs - USAG Intro is Outro

Midway through a relentless first day of ownership, CEO and sleeveless monster, The CorpAIRation (Brian Reeves) has sentenced his next victims to the corporate chopping block.  

Money Magazine reports that long time host and emcee, Björn Türoque, has been ousted in favor of a Freddy Mercury hologram, while World Champions Hot Lixx Hulahan and Nordic Thunder are to be replaced by a fart noise keychain.


Your new lead vocals for the 2015 show opener


When reached for comment, Hot Lixx was quoted saying, "I actually can't argue with this decision. It's a sound move and a reliable source for entertainment." Nordic Thunder was later seen leaving the building with a Dr. Fart t-shirt and ball cap as part of his severance package.