Dark Horse Video


Our pals over at GoPro hooked up some amazing Hero 3’s, and this video is our first attempt at shooting – with a lot of help from San Francisco’s DIRTY AIRY (Aron Carlton).


There’s quite a few little gizmos and doodads to understand, but we’re hoping these little guys become a major part of the 2014 tour. Full-screen the video and imagine having one stashed inside a stage wedge and another planted side stage.  Add Ustream Director Pro and custom fannypacks that say “pimpin’ the most” to hold everything and you have my complete list for Santa.


The video itself captures an amazing double-speed spoof on Hot Lixx and Bjorn’s “Air Song,” featuring FLYING FINN (Andrew Finn) as Björn and DOUG THE THUNDERSTROOCK (Doug Stroock) as Hot Lixx.  Then it leads into the other performances, all absolute gems.  The Dark Horse / Fung Wah is always one of (if not the) best show(s) of the year – except of course if the co-commissioner forces you to be a last minute judge.


Speaking of co-commissioners, during the air song, is that Kriston on the celebrity mic stand?