Des Moines - Why the Hell Not?

-This is a guest post by Flying Finn, organizer of the Des Moines qualifier and winner of the 2012 Minneapolis Finneapolis Regional- Flying Finn brushes his hair, then his face, THEN his fringe. There are rules.

In 2013, Des Moines resurfaced on the Air Guitar map. The great people of Des Moines were kinda like, "Air Guitar? That's a real thing? Well, we have a festival dedicated to bacon, and a zombie-themed burger joint, so why the hell not?"

Why the hell not, indeed.

Throughout the ages, Air Guitarists from all over the world have uttered that phrase (and not only when someone is buying shots). Last year in Des Moines, that phrase took on different meanings for many different people. We had a hundred people say why the hell not and show up to see their first ever Air Guitar show (all of them leaving with the melted remains of their faces in tidy ziploc bags so they wouldn't make a mess on the way home), a local walk-on named MavAIRick said why the hell not, got up on stage for the first time and rocked the house to a Top Gun Medley, and a half-dozen of Kansas City's finest said why the hell not & drove up on a school night to shred. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

CorpAiration, 2013 Des Moines Champ, will not be returning to defend his title. Unfortunately, Corp (from Kansas City) ripped his leg off to beat a small company into submission so he could buy them for pennies on the dollar and was soooo injured that...he...placed in the top 3 at Kansas City and has already qualified for a semi-final. Last year, Corp (champ) and Sonic Bitch (also from Kansas City & last year's #2) were sent to represent Des Moines in Chicago, but this year, instead of sending the top 2, US Air Guitar said, "WHY THE HELL NOT?" and will be sending the top THREE!!! Without CorpAiration and third open spot, the door is wide open!

Picking noses & taking names

Last year, the Des Moines Regional was nick-named the Kansas City Second Chance Qualifier due to having a half-dozen of them graciously coming up to compete and having two of them win. This year, I have it on good authority that a few local Des Moinesians (I don't know what we are called) are set to take back the crown. Harvey Wahlbanger, a first-time competitor this year, has answered the call with his own "why the hell not." He had the brilliant idea to taunt last year's champ, CorpAiration for the last few weeks with his nearly viral videos. 

A dozen views makes it viral, right?

As last year's sacrificial lamb (who said why the hell not and volunteered to go first), Lightning Nutz (aka Kitten Boots) said, Des Moines is PERFECTLY located at the junction of I-80 & I-35. One leads east to the Semi-Finals in Chicago, the other leads south to the National Finals in Kansas City!

Thinking about coming to the show or competing? Why the hell not?

Friday June 6 @ 7 p.m. Vaudeville Mews 212 4th St, Des Moines

All photos by Whitney Young.

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