Female invasion of World stage

CANNONBALL MAVIN upstages Jesus in the land of Finnish Evangelical Lutherans.

OULU, FINLAND – Both CANNONBALL MAVIN (Chelsie Jangord) and ZERO PROSPECTS won the Dark Horse, officially sent to the World Championships by a panel of foreign judges picked by lottery from among the 26 competing countries.  Among those judging were the world renowned air guitar researcher Amanda Griffkin, Russia’s double champion of 2008 & 2009 Alexander ”Devilseducer” Gott, and one of the worst air guitarists ever, Hilkka ”Gore Kitty” Haaga.  In addition, the jury members included two national organizers, Olga Skliarska (UA) and Henri Riska (EE).

Know what’s worth noting? There were four women in the Dark Horse.  And now there are five women in the finals. (Six, if you count Nordic when looking at him from behind.)

Know what else is worth noting? I shared a discourse panel yesterday with the 2-time Russian champ, Devil Seducer (seen in Bjorn’s award-winning TIME magazine video article from 2008). If only the cold-war-kid-me from 1980 could have seen that I could have saved myself years of fear and trepidation towards both our Ruskie comrades and nuclear war in general. Which really exemplifies the point of the Air Guitar World Championships – here are people from all over the world spending a week together getting blotto and hanging out naked in saunas and teaching each other bad words in our respective tongues. This is world peace in action.

Wish you were пиво.

ZERO PROSPECTS (Kate Gray) has been recruited by the United Kingdom to represent the Union Jack at the Air Guitar World Championships.