Fly to the (City of) Angels for the LA Qualifier

- This is a guest post by Six String General, organizer of the LA qualifier. - 

Greetings passengers, this is your captain 6 String General coming to you from the flight deck.  The LA qualifier will be taking flight on Saturday June 13th, departing the world famous Viper Room at 9pm.  The forecast is calling for high winds. so please fasten your seatbelts, make sure your tray table is in the upright position and prepare for a rocking flight.


If you take a look out the right side of the plane, you’ll see a mix of 14 savvy vets and exotic newcomers.  Dr. Feel Mediocre, Airy and the Fendersons & Noodle Arms are all returning to the stage after several years’ absence.  Our 2014 3rd place finisher Gwarana wants more, but with only 2 people moving on this year, can she move up a place? Last year’s audience choice for Round 2, Air-O-Dynamic, is also looking to improve on his finish. Axe Redeemer is back for his second taste of the stage, and will be joined by longtime veterans Ziggy Stardust, Andres Segoviair & Roqzilla.

Joining them will be some newcomers.  Optimus Shred is rolling out of San Diego to battle in LA for the first time.  And we have the three folks from Guided Nomads – Airosmith, Brad Don’t Call Me Paisley & Outta Sight - who are traveling around the world completing a bucket list of activities, checking off Air Guitar with us while they are in LA.

On the left side of the plane is our panel of judges.   Katie Daryl, AXS TV producer and host whose show “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” will be returning for Season 6 soon (check it out and learn about applying here: ), will be offering her expert appraisal of our tributes.  Former NYC air guitar champ/member of air band Category Sixx and current Meat Loaf impersonator The Legendary Pot Roast will be performing as our opening act and then joining Katie at the judges table to provide a veteran perspective. And like last year, the audience will be voting on our 5th and final Round 2 competitor, so you have say too!

Air Traffic Control for the evening will be none other than air guitar legend Bjorn Turoque.  He will be providing color commentary and making sure our performers take off and land on time.

Our 1st and 2nd place finishers will receive two tickets to paradise - the Western Conference Finals in San Francisco - in addition to cash prizes and a trophy (featuring an iron eagle) from the one and only Tiger Claw.  For those that don’t win, the plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room. With no former champs returning, the skies are clear and anyone can win this dogfight.


After reading about all this talent on stage Saturday night, now you’ve got to fly to the (city of) angels with us.  Tickets are available at . Feeling the wind beneath your wings?  We still have a few spots left for potential competitors.

We know you have a choice of entertainment, so thank you for flying Air Guitar LA. Enjoy the flight!


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