Guest Blog Series: The most important decision of your life (aka USAG DC Qualifier preview)

guest-blog-seriesThe following post is from Doug "The Thunder" Stroock (aka ThunderStroock), organizer and host of the 2013 US Air Guitar DC Qualifier:


There's a time in one's life when decisions need to be made:


What should I wear to work?

What kind of hairstyle do I want?

What's for dinner?

How many faces am I going to melt today?


All of these are fine decisions that need to be made at some point in your life, but only two* of them will be valid at 7pm this Saturday night at Solly's U St Tavern in Washington, DC.


As one of my favorite poets once said:

"Unleash all my burning wrath Potential killing machine Take down all who block my path Enjoying all that's obscene . . . born of fire"


And air.

Air guitar.


When up to 20 of the east coast's finest air guitarists arrive in our Nation's Capital to wreak some havoc, they will unleash their burning wrath on the fine citizens of this city, and at the end of the night, only two will have proven their worth . . . and will move on to the US Air Guitar Mid-Atlantic Semi-Final in July.


Joining them during this show-of-shows will be the 2012 National Champ AIRISTOTLE and two-time DC Champ TOMMY FRETLESS. These gentlemen [ed: term used loosely] will not only provide some stellar judging for the competition, but will also be performing a highly sexual anticipated halftime show.


As the event is sponsored by DC Brau and Flying Dog Brewery, there are sure to be beer specials galore.


So . . . if you have one decision to consider this weekend, I recommend you getting your cute little butt down to DC to witness the obscene burning wrath that will be rained down upon your face.  Trust me, you won't regret it.**



*Answers to appropriate questions: a curly faux-hawk and approximately 100.

**Regret can be found here, here, and here.


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