US Air Guitar Hacked by Unpaid Chinese

When future civilizations of post-apocalyptic supercockroaches ride the internet hot tub time machine into last week, they'll find an odd series of posts announcing, among other things:  

• CorpAIRation seizing executive control of US Air Guitar;

• the layoffs of the entire US Air Guitar Corporate Office and its finest judge, in favor of  playing fart noises into the microphone;

• the banning of bunting;

• the eventual arrest of CorpAIRation for the aforementioned bullet points;

• and the firing of me.


When reached for comment, CorpAIRation was quoted as saying, "It didn't take my outsourced team of starving Chinese hackers long to realize the blog password was 'air guitar.' So I decided not to pay them."


Final judgement: a very funny prank, and only two weeks late for April Fool's Day, a blown deadline right out of ATC's own playbook (e.g. "where's the God damn 2015 tour press release?!") And also: keep CorpAIRation and his technical bedfellow, Lt. Facemelter (Jason Farnan), away from the internet after taking down a couple of craft beer bongs.