Hazmat Turbans and Led Undies: Fro Saves the World

This is a re-post.  Original article published 2/18/12.

2009 US National Finalist, THE FRO (Chris Harden), has declared war on war.  For peace, justice, and the Amairican way reign free in this new video written and produced by the only professional air guitarist with his own comic book.  This video features an all original FRO soundtrack and a guitar solo by 2008 World Champion HOT LIXX HULAHAN.  Other notables from this video are LT. FACEMELTER (San Diego), THE CRUSHER (SF), SHREDBOY R D (Los Angeles), STEPHEN COLBAIR (Seattle), TOMMY FRETLESS (DC), AirLeigh Legal (Clevelandtown) and G. Tso Money (Queens).

Check out The Fro’s DIY Fender Stratocaster skateboard here and his comic book here.