Houston: Come And Fake It


Air Guitar, really is, taking something from nothing, and making that an amazing memory –Brock McRock



Houston Texas. 4th largest city in the country, 4-point-something million people with diverse backgrounds and who speak many different languages and about 30 of them got to see what was debatably the best air guitar show of the year thus far. The venue was Avant Garden, a familiar spot for some of the characters we would see through the evening. Although the venue is small, the intimacy of the crowd makes for an enjoyable atmosphere.


We saw some fresh meat in Houston, aside from our regulars: 42 (Victor Prieto), Crooked Pusey-cat (Addie Anderson) and Aka Big Mirtha (Laura Longoria). And we saw some pretty good new comers.



Photo credit: Guitardo Rivera


Kicking off the show in our wildcard slot was Natalie Therrell, who really came through providing us with our PA system for the evening. She shook what her momma gave her, and did the splits to end her set. Rockumura (Jake Whitco) started off the night with some furious facial expressions that terrified the front row but then cuddled them with a guitar toss to "rise from the grave" you could tell this kid meant business. Next newcomer was one of the most solid characters I had ever seen, Guitardo Rivera (Jesse Sendejas). Guitardo's actual job as a writer/reporter would help him establish his character, so well that he was the first Air Guitarist EVER to have Closed Captioning. With a Broken nose due to a chair injury and all, Guitardo showed that he is going to be tough to beat in the future. Squirrel Sensation (LisaMarie Cipolla) found out about us serendipitously through a #usairguitar tweet and knew this was the sport for her. She came out guns blazing and never looked back, at one point I thought she looked into my soul as to say "I am one of you" and I believed. The best set of the night rode in on the back of a white horse and her name was DaenAIRys Guitargaryen, Breaker of Chains, Trueborn Queen of Headbangers, Kahleesi of Airness, Mother of Dragons. Fire seemed to flow from her finger tips, people on the front row got pregnant and some of them were dudes, it was an amazing display, I believe I even said "I felt like you were going to enter me without my permission." Our "set ruined due to forces beyond out control" award goes to Sexy J (Jay Wall) when his solid Pizza routine was inadvertently ruined, ironically, by rocking too hard that the speakers almost went out of a window. Now that I write that, it seems I should have given more points because it sounds super badass. Move of the night was between Crooked Pusey's Back flip *;) winking and Big Mertha's epic hair flips with 42's display of a perfectly sculpted chest coming in close behind them.


2Photo credit: Guitardo Rivera


El Airiachi (Randy Garza) and Lisa Dejoi-lowe made a miracle happen as co-hosts of the event, Mariana at Avant Garden is quite possibly the best bar owner in Houston and when you're in town you should check it out.


Now to business, Texas is coming to National finals weekend.


One of US will be this year's champion.


God Bless Texas.