Karaoke bars and shopping malls? Hell yes, US Air Guitar!

Move over, Tiffany. US Air Guitar is coming to a mall near you.  


... that is, if you live near the Park Place Mall in Tucson, Arizona.


Two more big announcements today for #usairguitar qualifying shows -- in new markets, no less. Welcome, Arizona and Florida. Let's hope you're better at air guitar than you are at anti-immigration laws and counting presidential elections.


US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier – Florida Saturday, June 15, 2013 Octave Karaoke Bar St Petersburg, FL ENTER NOW


US Air Guitar – 2013 Qualifier – Arizona Saturday, June 15, 2013 Park Place Mall  @ParkPlaceMall Tuscon, AZ ENTER NOW


Not seeing your city? There’s still time! If you want to host a #usairguitar qualifier in your hometown, check out this post and email us here for more information.