LA gets a US Air Guitar Qualifier show worthy of The Entertainment Capital of the World

The following is a guest post from Tim Granlund, the Six-String General, host and promoter of the 2013 Los Angeles #usairguitar Qualifier: guest-blog-series


I moved to Los Angeles in October of 2008 to work in the film industry.  Having already gotten a couple years of air guitar under my belt on the East Coast and firmly ensconcing myself amongst my brothairs and sistairs over there, I was nervous and excited about competing in LA in 2009.  On the one hand, we’d get to perform at the historic Troubadour in front of a big music loving crowd, but would I be up against a bunch of crazy talented entertainers and their legions of fans who were going to dominate the show and not give me the time of day?


Turns out I was competing with a bunch of wonderful weirdos, largely new to air guitar, in front of a too-cool-for-school crowd.  We had a good time, but it felt like a preamble to something much greater.  LA is the entertainment capital of the world -- the home of the Sunset Strip!  We should be having an air guitar extravaganza every summer!  Luckily over the past few years I’ve seen the LA competitions grow into the badass shows this city is worthy of.  We’ve packed out legendary venues with enthusiastic fans.  We’ve gotten veterans of air guitar returning year after year and bringing it better and harder each time.   We even found a competitor older than The Shred in Old Broad!


I’m honored to be able to continue this and even take LA to the next level.  I am singularly focused on making this year’s LA Qualifier the most fun show we’ve had yet. To start with, we’re having the show this Saturday night at Busby’s East, which has booze flowing from multiple bars and ample room for us to play together before, during and after the show.


You want more?  How about these lovely judges?





We’ll be having Playboy Bunnies Lindsay Love and Leia Christiana judging the show!  Joining them will be Rob Peek from Fearless Records (home of Forever the Sickest Kids, Plain White T’s, Eve 6, and the “Punk Goes…” albums), as well as former LA and US Air Guitar champion Rockness Monster.



Still not convinced?  How about a special halftime performer?  We’ll have the musical perversions of Joe Manente.  He’s like a younger, sexier, one-man Tenacious D, and a badass rockstar in his own right.



Not enough fun for you?  We’ve got fun new twists to the format to make things more fun for the competitors and their adoring fans.  If you ever stayed home sick from school, you will love what’s in store.




We’ve got a helluva show put together for Saturday night. With no previous champions returning this year, the field is wide open.  Could the victor be Soulstice (Gemini Pankey), a protégé of Northeast Regional champ Mean Melin?  Or perhaps Kei Tsutsumi, the perennial crowd favorite who’s always a bridesmaid, never a bride.  Arora Nasty (Cassondra Scott) is a Portland/Seattle transplant competing for her first year in SoCal; will the change of scenery mean a breakthrough?  I can’t wait to find out and I hope everyone will join me.


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