Legends: Bettie B. Goode "Toes before bros"

We held out as long as we could for her official Legend card, hoping BETTIE B. GOODE (Taryn Kapronica) would birth the industry’s first pure child of air before press time.  We had the blog all polished and ready to go, complete with links to the little man’s registry at FAO Schwartz and a live feed from Denver General.  Mrs. Goode, now wife to fellow legend BIG RIG and sister-in-law to 2011 Denver champ DREAMCATCHER, this very night is mere centimeters away from full dilation.  To usher him into this world with his mom’s official Legend card would have really been something, wouldn’t it?

Alas, timing, alas.

Most people are familiar with Bettie B. Goode’s back story: in her last opportunity for entry and all the glitz and glamor of the 2008 US Finals, she catwalked across a series of

tables to the judge’s bench.  On her way Bettie kicked a few shot glasses from her path, not realizing that her ring toe had fallen off inside one of them.  The toe was likely digested though never found.  Shortly after the incident she invented her signature “pedal shocker.”

Best of all wasn’t the press shitstorm that followed or hearing the Lennox Hill ER celebrate as news trickled in of her victory while waiting on the x-rays; instead, it was the sudden influx of female competitors that followed her well publicized victory that year.  (For more on this phenomenon, please read ZERO PROSPECT’S [Kate Gray] brilliant manifesto “I want girls with balls” here).  Suddenly, with the help of Bettie and other female vets like McNallica (Erin McNally), female competitors began showing up in droves.

Bettie B. Goode, today we dedicate tomorrow’s hangover to you.

For the rest of ya’ll, we’ll keep you posted on the gestative story as it continues to unfold.  In the meantime, enjoy the sexiest card we’ve ever printed (on our inkjet) or released (via limited edition jpeg).