Legends: Big Rig keeps it in the family

Way back in 2005, when usairguitar.com looked like this (crazy!), Big Rig (Randy Layman) entered and won his first competition in the Mile High City.  So much has changed since then: usairguitar.com has a streamlined site that looks brand new and loads super fast, our country is at war in a few different places and our cell phones need to be charged daily.  But one thing that hasn’t changed, except it sort of has, is that the now-retired Big Rig is a legend in any era.

Big Rig remains active in US Air Guitar despite his competitive retirement: he judged last week’s Denver show, performed during half time, and installed the dry wall at the McDonald’s we ate at afterwards.  Most significantly, Big Rig is supporting the next generation of professional air guitarists.  He married Bettie B. Goode (Taryn Kapronica), and the happy couple is expecting a child – the first pure air child on record – in early June.  In attendance at the waiting room will be alcohol and Big Rig’s twin brother, DREAMCATCHER (Ryan Layman), the 2011 Denver champion.

Congratulations, Rig.  Your bubble gum cigar is in the mail.