LEGENDS: Hot Lixx Hulahan

So much of US Air Guitar’s history is inexorably tied to the antics of HOT LIXX HULAHAN (Craig Billmeier) that it was nearly impossible to choose which highlights and anecdotes to include on his Legends card.  It was doubly a pain in the ass to write his back matter because I couldn’t count on him to do it for me like he has for RDC, Dreamcatcher, Björn and C-Diddy.

Here’s how it all started: Hot Lixx Hulahan is one of competitive air guitar’s most prolific champions.  So much so that he is, in fact, a legend.

The world was introduced to Hot Lixx Hulahan in 2006, when he won his first Regional Championship in his hometown of San Francisco.  Legendarily, he would soon crush the US Finals before finishing in the top ten at the Air Guitar World Championships.  It was without a doubt the year of Hot Lixx Hulahan.  Adorable, anemic, and 10 pounds underweight, his “hot licks” combined with Punky Brewster good looks landed him spots on low-wattage morning radio, MTV3 and Canadian BET.  Hot Lixx also landed a gig doing celebrity guitar impersonations for Electronic Arts’ “Rock Band,” where they had to send away to the set of “Lil’ Pimp” for David Spade’s Performance Capture Suit (both men are a size 2).  Over the next several years Hot Lixx would become a staple of US Air Guitar, becoming “the guy to beat.”

Years later while backstage in DC, after meeting the legend in the flesh, a fellow competitor sent a text message to his mother.  He nervously informed her that he was competing on the same bill as the Hot Lixx Hulahan.  Her encouraging reply came in moments later: “Son, you’re fucked.”

In 2008 Hot Lixx Hulahan brought the Air Guitar World Championship Title back to the United States after nearly half a decade of foreign dominance.  Although he has officially retired from competitive air guitar, Hot Lixx Hulahan remains active in the air guitar community and is a recurrent celebrity judge.

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