LEGENDS: William Ocean makes Waverunners of us all

Put the seashell up to your ear.  Do hear it? That swishing whisper?


And now he’s a Legend, which is absurd because what has WILLIAM OCEAN (Andrew Litz) done that’s not legendary? Who doesn’t remember his every performance since bursting onto the scene in the early aughts, right up to his 2010 NYC Regional performance that every staff member of the Bowery Ballroom still cites as “the reason I got into the business”?:

WILLIAM OCEAN edged out CENSORED by a narrow margin in a highly post-modern interpretive act as good as anything I’ve seen thus far and then some. It was a conceptual masterpiece and psychologically taut, thematically adhering to oceanic abstractions throughout: a metal cover of the “Titanic” song, a nod to Ritchie Tenenbaum on board the Queen Helena destined for the Eastern seaboard, a 24-foot waving banner rolling across the sell-out crowd at twelve knots, and assless chaps.

Billy O. invented the double beer can summersault assault, he’s produced hundreds of human props, and once brought his very own spotlight that outshone our own.  But in my mind it’s his concepts, not props, that have earned him a top spot in every competition he’s ever competed.

Robinson Jeffers said it almost as good as I did:

Multitude stands in my mind but I think that the ocean in the bone vault is           only
The bone vault’s ocean: out there is the ocean’s;
The water is the water, the cliff is the rock, come shocks and flashes of           reality. The mind
Passes, the eye closes, the spirit is a passage;
The beauty of things was born before eyes and sufficient to itself; the               heartbreaking beauty
Will remain when there is no heart to break for it.

Boundless gratitude to LT. FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan) for the graphical mastery behind each and every card).