Livestreaming Portland TONIGHT! Free Project Pabst tix! Preseason wrap-up! VR unboxing videos!

  It's that time again, people!


USAG is kicking off its post season semifinals TONIGHT at Dante's in Portland, Oregon! Here's what to expect in the coming hours from


•A livestream from the OFFICIAL Facebook page of US Air Guitar!


•Attending tonight? You'll possibly probably absolutely win a FULL weekend pass to Project Pabst Portland, a 250 dollar value, in our #keeppabstweird #usairguitar giveaway!


•Featuring Hussy's Offbeat Belly Dancing Halftime Show!


•A wrap-up of the preseason and who to watch out for this post season!


•Some crazy VR shit as soon as we figure out how to open the box!


•P(abst)B(lue ribbon)&J(ameson) drink specials all night long aka PBJ!


•Bubble machines, fog machines, cow bell, and more cow bell!


•Exclamation points!


Stay tuned, shit's bound to get weird.