Lt. Facemelter To Wear Zubaz For Life or Until Employer Threatens to Fire Him

LFM-Zubaz-Web What started out as a series of hungover tweets from Jean Luc Pickguard and Lt. Facemelter, turned into a very real discussion with Dan Stock, the co-owner of Zubaz - Facemelter's flagship style in competitive pant wear. No more than an hour after contact was made, a UPS tracking number was confirmed for a 5 lb. box of Zubaz clothing and accessories, shipped straight to southern California. The sponsored care package included everything from pants, shirts, and arm bands, to frisbees, flip flops and do-rags. Eternal comfort and style will no longer be a concern for the National Champ. And Dan Stock was happy to provide it.

"He was a great guy to talk to." says Facemelter. "When I called to thank him for the package, he wanted to know all about US Air Guitar. How I got into it, how the competitions work, how you're judged - everything. He laughed throughout every explanation, remarking how awesome it all was."

With another care package on the way, Facemelter has announced that Zubaz will be an official clothing sponsor at the San Diego Qualifier. Expect a lot of zebra striped ridiculousness if you plan to attend.

If all this talk of high quality fashion has made you hot and heavy, you can buy your own Zubaz clothes and accessories online at Or keep an eye out for Zubazpalooza, which packages a pair of Zubaz pants with a MLB ticket in Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Oakland, and Chicago.

Lt. Facemelter and US Air Guitar would like to give a huge thank you to Dan Stock and Zubaz, in what may be the most fashionable sponsor our organization will ever see.

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