Magic Cyclops is a hit on American Idol; Randy Jackson suffers a "going problem"

2008 Denver Champ and world renowned Quad City Madman MAGIC CYCLOPS (Magic Cyclops) is being featured on American Idol’s primetime broadcast to 46 million viewers around the globe.  According to another Fox promo, that makes tonight’s episode their number one show.

At various times in his performance, you can see Cyclops fighting the urge to grind out a few power chords.  I think “play air guitar for Steven Tyler” has got to be 3rd or 4th on his Magic List of Things to do Before Death.  It comes just before “have zero gravity sex” but after “have zero gravity sex with a human girl.”  Of course, the caveat-free “have sex” is probably on there, too.

And at long last, the world finally gets an explanation for the Iowa-born Cyclops’ mysterious cockney accent.

Also check out how seriously Tyler takes Cyclops for the entire performance, while his cohorts, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, snicker the whole way through.  That is, until Cyclops gets J-Lo and Tyler to drop a couple eff-bombs upon detonating his hidden spine-mounted confetti bomb.

We have breaking reports that long time BPH enlarged prostate sufferer, Randy Jackson, did eventually find a restroom and relieve himself.