Monkey Business (video)


PACIFICA, CA -- A team of USAG all-stars, including U.S. Champion LT. FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan), headlined a private event for tech giant SurveyMonkey at a posh bowling alley in a foggy suburb of outer San Francisco this past Friday night.


Perennial Philly champ WINDHAMMER (Rob Weychert), choreographed the event after receiving a cold call from SurveryMonkey’s very cool event coordinator.  When he asked how she thought to contact him, she replied with “I dunno, you’re all over the internet.” Joining Windhammer and Lt. Facemelter was perennial second-placer DIRTY AIRY (Aron Carlton) and perennial rookie Santa Cruz Regional winner SIR LORD SNAKEBITE (Hiram Coffee).




Other than the fresh lobster rolls and bacon-jelly donuts, for me the best part of the evening came right after the all-stars’ first performance.  Before that, things were subdued and the air was pretty stiff.  The party sort of sucked.  What happened afterward was that everyone in attendance – Chief Required Field Officers and the Department of Radio Buttons, to name a few – suddenly had something to watch and then talk about for the rest of the night.  Ask anyone there, the Before/After moment came when Airy, Windhammer, Facemelter and Snakebite ditched the stage and brought the party to the lanes.  By 8 o’clock the place was jumping.


And the trick shots with bowling legend Norm Duke were pretty incredible, too.