Murder, herrings, and aggressive sauna lessons in Finland

Björn Türoque (Dr. Daniel Crane) rides amongst his fans.

OULU, FINLAND – Today marked the first official day of Finnish wackiness.  To wit: 20 air guitarists riding bicycles through Oulu’s mean streets (dubbed Murder Tuira – “murder town,”where rarely are people stabbed less than 23 times in a single attack), a lecture and discussion panel on air guitar moderated by a woman receiving her doctorate on the subject, visiting a public art installation of breasts, getting a thorough tour of the local gas station where our Finnish hosts spent their childhood trying to get adults to buy them beer, receiving aggressive sauna lessons that left marks on the body, and ‘finnishing’ the night off with some multi-lingual karaoke at a bar whose bartender could sling drinks and do a spot-on Enrique Englasias at the same time.  It was a weeklong adventure crammed into one day that left a weary but characteristically enthused Nordic Thunder to comment, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to come back next year.  This is….so….it’s….so…..fucking AWESOME.  Man, no joke.”

US Champ NORDIC THUNDER (right) embraces Tapo Launonen, the grandfather of competitive air guitar.

Nordic Thunder displays the smallest of several Sauna-related injuries.

“And that’s where Mikko was brutally murdered with a herring.”