NBC Chicago predicts Thunder


Apparently NBC takes this whole Champion Card thing seriously, as NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard) will be appearing on their Chicago affiliate this Friday.  Here’s the scoop, straight from the Viking’s mouth:

Nordic will make two appearances during the 5 a.m. hour.  Two shred fests on camera as the anchors talk about the Air Guitar competition.  The dance Friday segment has, and I quote, “been replaced by… Britney Spears”.  Apparently she’s easier to dance to then a long haired beardo playing an invisible guitar.  After the second appearance there will be a break.  I will return on camera at 7am where I’ll do two more interviews separate of one another with Rob Elgas.  One is for their YouTube update, and the other will appear on their digital nonstop channel at 1:00 and 6:30 pm.

Nordic was originally slated to appear on the aforementioned “Dance Friday” segment, but was evidently bumped by Britney.

The Nonstop show is called “The Rundown” and it’s going to be on either channel 5.2, Comcast 341, or RCN 50, depending on what cable system the viewers are watching on.  Stay tuned!