Three new trading cards in brand new US Air Guitar Hall of Fame

At the dawn of competitive air guitar in the U.S., we made headlines simply because people couldn't believe that such a thing existed.  Back in the mid-aughts, if you read one article you had read them all. But at a certain point the headlines, well, changed. Suddenly, it was no longer about the competition.  It was now about its competitors.  Just like any other sport, where it would be absurd to print "Competition of Grown Men Shooting Balls into Baskets," the press started covering the individual moves and stories behind the competitors themselves.


The entire U.S. Air Guitar community was responsible for this shift, with a few top-tier performers leading the way.  They realized that what the media had automatically given other competitions, they would have to take for themselves.  They did what they had to do, rocking so hard they shook the disbelief from the collective asshole of the United States of America. In time, these legends of air guitar were presented with their own rankings and trading cards, issued via limited edition jpeg and traded across social media at home and abroad.  And now, in their highest honor yet, they have been at long last alphabetized in the newly redesigned U.S. Air Guitar Hall of Fame.


Today, from the Home Offices of the Office of the Co-Commissionership, we humbly present this milestone with three new Hall of Fame trading cards: AIROSOL (Cami Phillippi), DEREK NOT SO SMALLS (Dave Weissman) and our very own LIEUTENANT FACEMELTER (Jason Farnan).  Each has weaved his/her personal story into the fabric of the nation’s purest pastime and set the standard for its next decade of competition.






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